Real Bold Hats is a lifestyle brand for the rest of us. In 2020, we all found out that you have to have courage, determination, and be bold to do what it takes day in and day out - in fact, you have to be Real Bold!

So we created a lifestyle brand just for that type of Real Bold person - just for you! No politics, no nonsense, no drama - just Real Bold images on Real Bold products.

Our designs are simple and bold - a Full Color American Flag; Subdued Vintage Desert Tan, Vintage OD Green, Outdoorsmen Safety Orange, and Navy Flags; and a few of our favorite inspirational sayings - to name a few. Are you still wondering what kind of person it takes to wear these designs? Its the same person that has the courage and determination to do what it takes day in and day out - a Real Bold one!

So, whether your headed into the hospital for a 24 hour shift; up at dawn to plow the fields; find yourself now a mom/dad plus a school teacher; sweating on the factory floor; whatever you do... if you're doing what it takes... doing what's right... you're Real Bold. Be Real Bold in your Real Bold Hats product!

Oh ya... and Real Bold people give their best so they deserve the best! The best stretch fit hats... the softest shirts... the nicest glasses... - all here at Real Bold Hats! 


Real Bold Hats LLC is owned by a husband and wife team and is proud to be a veteran-owned, woman-owned small business. While components of some items are sourced outside the USA, all designs and final manufacturing are proudly done in the USA. We strive to support local small business in each item we source and most of our suppliers are small businesses like us.


Real Bold Hats LLC, Real Bold Hats, our designs, and website are the registered name, trade name, and property of Real Bold Hats LLC. The Real Bold Hats lifestyle brand is about doing what's right and there's nothing right about unauthorized use, so please don't do it. Please do, however, hashtag us (#RealBoldHats), share on Social Media, talk great about us, get caught doing the right thing in your Real Bold Hat...or shirt...or anything Real Bold Hats which supports the Real Bold Hats lifestyle.