Q:  Do your shirts have tags?

A:  Real Bold shirts are “tagless” - meaning they do not have a traditional sewn-in tag. The shirt “tag” is printed directly on the inside shirt collar area and has the Real Bold Hats brand logo, the garment specifications, along with the care information.

Q:  Are your products homemade?

A:  No, all Real Bold Hats items are professionally manufactured.

Q:  Do you manufacture your products?

A:  We design, spec, 100% quality check, and package all Real Bold Hats products. We partner with specialty manufacturers - most of whom are also small businesses - to manufacture Real Bold Hats products.

Q:  Is designing a product and having it manufactured really that difficult?

A:  Yes. Really it depends on the outcome you want. If you’re just looking for a middle of the road type, mediocre product, then it’s not as difficult - just look around, you can find them all over the internet at a too good to be true price. If you want the best product - like we believe Real Bold customers deserve - then it takes months of planning and work. And often quite a bit of money invested in samples, prototypes, proofs, etc.

Q:  What work goes into designing your product?

A:  Well... the SHORT story is... after figuring out what Real Bold customers want and making sure it’s true to the Real Bold lifestyle brand, we concept a design and begin communicating with our suppliers to make sure they can manufacture it to our specs. During this process we carefully select components, colors, size, shape, placement, etc to make sure it meets the Real Bold lifestyle. Some of this is really involved since things like a color spec may give a different look with each item’s manufacturing process. After we’re sure we’ve specified every detail, we prototype or do proofs to see what it will look like to our customer. Assuming all goes well during this phase, we approve the design and have it manufactured. Sometimes we have small manufacturing runs done first to make sure the manufacturing process goes as planned. We never accept a design or quality that we ourselves wouldn’t be excited about!

Q:  Are Real Bold Hats products made in the USA?

A:  While components of some items (e.g. the garment itself) are manufactured outside the US, all of our product design, final manufacturing (e.g. embroidery, transfer print), final 100% quality checks, packaging, and shipping are done in the USA. This supports US jobs and small businesses.

Q:  Do you support small business?

A:  We are a small business and we support small businesses. The majority of our partner suppliers are small businesses. While they are small businesses, please don’t confuse small with lack of quality or knowledge... our partner suppliers are what we consider some of the best in their field. And we have high standards!

Q:  Do you have sizes not listed?

A:  E-mail us at and tell us what you’re looking for and how many. While we may not have your size in stock, we have great relationships with our partner suppliers and will do our best to help you - because Real Bold people deserve the best!